November Sunflowers

Last year’s sunflowers on a winter afternoon. 8 x 10 Printed on semi-gloss paper.



Sharp Shadows

An approximately 8 x 10 printed on semi-gloss paper. Other sizes available.



Starlings Photo

Black and white capture of a starling taking wing. 8 x 1



A pigeon sitting, pondering life in this old stone wall. Printed on semi-gloss paper. 8 x 10 inches.


Just Another Manic Monday

An 11 x 14 print of this photo collage. Such symbolism, such oddness. People will run across the room to get a closer look at this. Printed on semi-gloss paper.


Lift Off

An 8 x 10 print of a starling taken at just the perfect moment to capture the beauty of these often maligned birds. A beautiful graphic image, looks lovely in a black frame. Printed on semi-gloss paper.



This image is highly photo-shopped to enhance the simple composition. These two birds were found sitting on these crossing wires. The background of corrugated metal couldn’t be more perfect. 10 x 10 printed on semigloss paper.



Such photogenic little finches, perched on these bare branches, early spring. The background was a blue house, such a lucky shot. 11 x 14 inches on semi-gloss paper.



A local building is really painted this color and this abstract composition was hard to pass up. An 11 x 14 on semi-gloss paper would make a nice color pop on a wall.



A winter tableau of snow and wooden things, in a geometric composition. I love geometry! An 8 x 10 printed on semi-gloss paper.



A lowly spoon with an elegant shadow lolling among the toast crumbs. A nice image to hang in a kitchen. May I suggest an 11 x 14 printed on semi-gloss?



Both trains and telephone lines connect us. I’ve always found telephone poles visually interesting, like charcoal marks against the sky. Here in the background the snowy hills of Idaho. An 11 x 14 printed on semi-gloss paper



A handful of daisies in a yard-sale vase on an oaken table. 8 x 10 on semi-gloss paper. I think this would look nice in a yellow frame.



Downtown Pocatello, Idaho, where the bricks seemingly fly untethered. An 8 x 10 inch printed on semi-gloss paper of this curious event.



I came across this jumble of chairs at a yard sale and while I didn’t buy anything, I did snag this photo, figuring I’d never again see this configuration of chairs. Like the above photo, there seems to be a dearth of gravity in this town. An 11 x 14 printed on semi-gloss paper.



Snow fence, windblown tree, dramatic clouds. Wyoming landscape. An 11 x 14 inch print on semi-gloss paper.



A very cold day and the yucca is frosted and beautiful in it’s linearity, with tendrils of white. A 10 x 10 inch printed on semi-gloss paper.



Sunflower leaves in shadow, composed so gracefully (not by me, I merely took the photo). An 11 x 14 inch print on semi-gloss paper.



A photocollage depicting that feeling that life can sometimes leave you with – a feeling of disquiet or rapture or intoxication. One can read many meanings into this image. An 11 x 14 printed on semi-gloss paper.


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