Welcome to my new home! Come in and look around. I hope you see something that brightens your day.

Here’s my simple story: I believe the way we see the world comes from our childhoods and mine was off kilter. I’m comfortable with ambiguity. In my childhood home, we had one piece of art. It was a print of a man from another century driving an oxcart. This was purchased by my dad (after several beers). The only thing the picture had going for it was it took up a lot of otherwise blank space. Our home library was meager and possibly consisted of only 2 thick books that I can remember: Dostoevsky and an encyclopedia of medical diseases. This was my early experience with art and literature. If you want your children to crave art, keep the walls bare. If you want your children to be neurotic, hand them an illustrated medical book. If you want to see my take on the world, please have a look.