November Sunflowers (watercolor)
Peripatetic Potluck
FIND (your magic)
Toad of Hope
KNOW (yourself).
LISTEN (closely).
CULTIVATE (patience)
BELIEVE (in magic).
FIND (your tribe)
REMEMBER (to be curious)
WATCH (where you step)
EMBRACE (the nap)
SLEEP (deeply)
REMEMBER (your dreams)
DANCE (with abandon)
THINK (always)
IMMERSE (yourself)
OBSERVE (your surroundings)
COLOR (outside the lines)
LOOK (under your bed)
MEET (your neighbors)
SURROUND YOURSELF (with small creatures)
VISIT (your people)
BE (available)
FOLLOW (your heart)
DISCOVER (who’s in your closet)
FEED (your friends)
TAKE (a walk)
DECORATE (your nest)
HAVE (a plan)
BE (colorful)
GO TO (the light)
FIND (a map)
PLANT (tulips)
GO (fishing)
FIGURE (it out)
EAT (well)
SIT (by rivers)
RUN (with abandon)
PONDER (your shadow)
TREASURE (your egg)
ACQUIRE (a dog)
PLAY (your cards right)
GROW (things to feed your soul)
BE (sacred and profane)
Humpty Dumpty stood in a Box
Humpty Dumpty had a Fine Fox
Humpty Dumpty Sat in a Tree
Humpty Dumpty had a Pet Bee
Humpty Dumpty Stood in a Dish
Humpty Dumpty Held a Nice Fish
Humpty Dumpty Stood in the Snow
Humpty Dumpty attracted a Crow
MOTHER (earth)
CONSIDER (delight)
TRAVEL (the seven seas)
ACCESSORIZE (your yard)
SHOOT (the moon)
INDULGE (in poppies)

COUNT (your quails)
SHARPEN (your angles)

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