Patricia Bingham is a Chicago native who resides in Idaho.  She is a self-taught artist with a degree in Experimental Psychology.

The term “Zoopsia” means hallucinating animals. Animals make appearances in many of her paintings. She likes to portray them both in their natural, as well as in imagined settings.

She paints in both watercolor and acrylic, is a devotee of photography with enthusiastic detours into collage. 

In her paintings you will find metaphor and symbolism, implied stories, and a touch of strangeness.

She was the featured artist during the recent brewfest. She has a public artwork in Eagle, Idaho. Her work has appeared in national online shows: Arc Gallery in San Francisco; Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach; Light Space and Time; Artsy Shark.

Her art can be seen in several literary magazines such as Cold Mountain Review (the cover), The Closed Eye, Right Hand Pointing, Beyond Words, Cheat River, Tiny Spoon, as well as in private homes around the country.


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